My first beautiful bake for 2018…Triple Chocolate Brownies. This is decadence in every delectable mouthful. Yes, they contain a significant amount of sugar and chocolate and loads of butter because these are dessert brownies. This is not health food. This is certainly not a salad. This is however, the MOST delicious made-from-scratch moist brownie that is likely to tantalise your tastebuds. 

I follow the 80/20 rule of eating; a balanced, healthy variety of foods eaten MOST of the time and then tucked in between on occasion, a special treat, like these brownies. 

Moderation is the key. I’ve written about this previously, but since it is a New Year, the message is certainly worth repeating. 

Fad diets come and go as quickly as those convoluted exercise machines sold on television infomercials. It is far easier and more enjoyable to develop and maintain a healthy eating and manageable exercise plan. When you do indulge, enjoy the indulgence. It is a treat, not the main meal. Murmur with satisfaction as you bite into your brownie, or favourite cake, cookie, sweet tart or slice. Food is so pleasurable as it involves all of our senses. Inhale the aroma, experience the texture and flavour and never feel guilty. 

So welcome in 2018 with edible WOW factor!

Cabinet of Cookery is a registered business that is designed to make your kitchen conundrums disappear. My food blog contains over 350 recipes that have been tried and tested in my licensed home kitchen. 

Of course if you simply don’t have time to choose a recipe and cook, or struggle when wielding a spatula and whisk, then I CAN COOK FOR YOU!

Suggestions include …

…Hand made shortcrust pastry pies abundantly filled with either chicken, leek and tarragon or tender beef or lamb with herbs and veggies or fragrant basil ratatouille.

Delicate quiches with either spinach, or caramelised leek and brie, or sweet tomatoes and basil or moreish mushrooms.

Savoury filled breads like focaccias, cheesy scrolls, rustic tarts.

Celebration cakes with voluminous meringues, or petite profiteroles or crunchy toffee crystals and chocolate curls for a special occasion.

Something scrumptious for a morning or afternoon tea or a fundraiser. 

Or even school lunch box muffins, slices, cookies and banana bread …. 

All custom baked, fresh to order and delivered to your door (Sydney metro).

It’s time to fall in love with good food. 

To place an order, simply call: 

0419 244 972 or email