Made from scratch, made by hand… Focaccia Bread – zesty lemon zucchini oregano & onion;  balsamic tomato and basil; and classic sea salt and rosemary.

Luscious olive oil chocolate cake

It is not a secret that I love to cook (and eat great food, of course!) and baking is something that really makes me smile. I’m one of those sometimes infuriatingly enthusiastic individuals who deals with stress by either running or finding solace in slowly kneading a ball of cinnamon scented sweet dough, or methodically piping sugar stiff organic egg whites into pretty meringues. The challenge of developing a recipe from scratch, or tweaking an existing one which then results in the most delicious freshly baked sweet or savoury dish is SATISFYING. 

I am equally excited about discovering and incorporating new ingredients, especially when they are made right here in Australia. The reason I write and talk about favourite ingredients is because I want other home cooks and professional foodies to try and enjoy those products too.  

Lomondo Olive Oil is a perfect example of a home grown product that can certainly stand its edible ground alongside overseas competitors. With its crisp, herbaceous flavour, Lomondo is just as superb splashed onto a salad, as it is drizzled over fluffy aromatic focaccia breads or whisked through moist banana loaves, chocolate cakes and my selection of abundant textured muffins. 

More please muffins!  Raspberry, coconut & white chocolate; and banana choc chip crumble. 

Earlier this year I tried the company’s caramelised balsamic vinegar, which surprisingly brings out the perfumed berry taste in macerated strawberries, is brilliant splashed into a roasted Napoletana sauce or tossed through cherry tomatoes before being piled on top of focaccia and pushed into the oven. I’m can’t wait to see what else I can do with these ingredients! 

Best ever banana bread wrapped and ready to give and enjoy. 

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* For delivery by Christmas Eve, orders must be placed by the 16th December 2017. 

Cabinet of Cookery will be baking and delivering throughout the Christmas and New Year celebratory season.

GF banana bread with fantastic flavour and texture.