This edible creation is so cheerful and appealing that I have dubbed it my “Cheerfully Charming Joey’s Chocolate Berry Cake”. 

I made this beautiful bake for a customer whose son attends St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill. Now the cake was destined to be displayed at a cake stall raffle and so the brief was to come up with something scrumptious but still eye catching. I decided to draw inspiration from the school’s unique combination of colours –  a handsome distinct blue and striking cerise, or as referred to in French, cherry pink. 

My vivid pink real raspberry buttercream (made using dried raspberry powder) provided a deliciously fragrant wrapping to the moist chocolate cake within. This was split in half and filled with creamy chocolate icing, fresh new season Australian cherries, and my made-from-scratch strawberry jam. 

A crown like topping of voluminous organic egg white meringues were carefully positioned in place and delicately brushed with blue and pink layered edible colour. A sprinkling of fine blue toned sugar sand and silver edible glitter painted around the sides added additional interest and sparkle. 

I hope that the lucky winner of this special “Joey’s” cake enjoyed sharing slices with their family and friends for afternoon tea. 

After all, my beautiful bakes are made to be eaten with enthusiasm. I always use great quality ingredients and make as many of the elements from scratch as is possible, in order to deliver a bake where flavour comes first! After all, the whole point of eating cake is to really savour every forkful and then find yourself wishing that you could lick the plate…not that you would of course!