Marathon Matt Cake – Classic moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, fresh raspberries, home made strawberry jam, luscious chocolate fudge icing, gold detailing, Callebaut Crispearls and organic eggwhite meringues. 

Apple Tree Cake – Oh so moist sweetly spiced apple cake with rosemary caramel icing, petite meringues and gold dust. 

More beautiful bakes made for eating with enthusiasm! My celebration cakes may be gorgeous to look at as you scroll through Instagram, Facebook and this food blog (especially the category “Baking Bliss”), but most importantly, they all live up to my motto of Flavour First.  After all, there is no point in purchasing and eating a custom baked cake unless it tastes great. That’s what my boutique baking business is all about – baking from scratch to create something that tastes so sublime, it just has to be described as a beautiful bake!

Organic eggs, quality ingredients, research, tasting, testing and retesting means that every baked item that leaves my kitchen is made with dedication and delight. 

Lara’s Gem Cake – Real raspberry-chocolate Decadent Red Velvet cake filled with vanilla mascarpone cream, fresh raspberries, wrapped in silky cream cheese icing with silver detailing and voluminous meringues and berries. 

I would love for my customers to smile as they sample that first forkful of cake or pie, or crunch into a robust cookie, take a mouthful of fragrant muffin, or lavishly spread my fresh focaccia or scones with butter to enjoy at their first bite. 

Vintage Va Voom Cake – Featherlight chocolate Swiss Roll generously filled with dried raspberry powder and fresh crushed raspberry creme fraiche, topped with blueberry puree chocolate icing, field flowers and petite meringues. 

Cabinet of Cookery is here to turn your baking dilemma into a delight, by baking for you. Too busy to make a batch of scones, biscuits or scrolls? Not sure how to bake and decorate a celebration cake? That’s fine because I can do that for you! Are there certain work and school days that just make family dinners too hard to manage? Then order one of my pies or quiches with homemade pastry and dinner is done! 

I am happy to zip around the Sydney metro area and deliver your order straight to your door. 

Christmas is around the corner and I’ve already started a baking schedule, so order as soon as you can!  Place your order via the CONTACT button on this blog, or via

Check out more beautiful baked goods on my Instagram @cabinet_of_cookery

Just A Mouthful – Individual profiteroles filled with vanilla mascarpone cream, glazed with bittersweet dark chocolate, gold dust and edible rose petals.