My moist, Lomondo olive oil based “Banana Bread” is a delicious addition to the school lunchbox, as a “good morning” breakfast or brunch option, or as a much appreciated after school snack. Particularly handy for kids and adults who just don’t have time to sit and eat breakfast and need something they can grab and go. 

This banana bread is neither greasy nor heavy and instead is rich with the aroma and flavour of freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon and vitamin rich Australian grown bananas. 

Perfect to eat thickly sliced as is, or toasted and topped with a generous spread of mascarpone, creme fraiche, or butter and some extra slices of fresh, creamy bananas. Yum!

Order your freshly made banana bread and enjoy delivery to your door (Sydney metro). Better to order two loaves as this will be snaffled up quickly – it doesn’t last long in my family of eight. Place an order via the CONTACT button or on
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