A deliciously romantic way of surprising someone you love is by presenting them with box of beautiful bakes, just like these “Melt My Heart” melting moments biscuits. 

Filled with silky strawberry vanilla buttercream, these bite sized morsels are fragrant with flavour and aroma making it very hard to stop at just one! A perfect addition to a celebratory picnic, afternoon tea or after dinner dessert. I’ll be sharing a plate with my adoring husband as we today celebrate 19 years of marriage.  

These “Melt My Heart” biscuits can also be filled with rich chocolate buttercream ganache or fresh passionfruit buttercream and are made to order and delivered to your door – or to the door of your sweetheart! Email orders to magda.tomasevic@gmail.com More beautiful bakes on Instagram @cabinet_of_cookery