We ran out of bread on Sunday night. Yes, despite having bought three large, beautifully baked loaves of Sourdough Levain from French bakery Victorie in Rozelle only 3 days prior there was not a single crust or crumb left behind. So I decided to mix up a couple of loaves of crusty, rustic style wholemeal bread using a box of Laucke bread mix. The instructions are easy to follow, with the required flour and yeast contained in the one package. It’s worth picking up a box from your local supermarket. I’m going to try out another variety next week. It is so much more satisfying filling the house with the aroma of home baked bread and eating the results, rather than ducking out in the evening to the nearest petrol station for limp, plastic wrapped, pre-sliced stuff. 

I like to eat freshly made toast for my breakky. Always generously spread with unsalted butter and usually topped with chunky marmalade or thinly sliced sharp tasting cheddar cheese. If I have time, this is followed by a bowl of Greek style yoghurt, fresh fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup. Sometimes an egg for extra protein is included instead of the yoghurt and fruit, but toast always holds the prime spot. 

Of course there are those people who are happy to reach for a bowl of cereal – my husband has a special mixture of cereals including oats that he enjoys during the working week. Interestingly, my three boys also adore cereal, but will often munch on honey or cheese toast after finishing off what’s in their cereal bowl. 

I too reach for the Weet-bix box but not in the morning, preferring this with warm milk at night. Usually around 10pm which is when I feel peckish and need a little something in my tummy before going to sleep. As soon as I publish this post, I will head down to the kitchen for my usual edible nightcap…