In the spirit of today’s exciting FIFA World Cup match between Italy and England, I made an Italian Frittata as part of our Sunday breakfast family feast. My husband whipped up his popular Buttermilk Pancakes and served this up alongside a big bowl of fresh fruit salad, toasted Turkish bread, baked beans and condiments.

I am not a dedicated follower of football, unlike my mother-in-law who can impressively reel off essential player and match statistics almost without stopping for a breath. My children think it is “so cool” to have a grandmother who knows all the football lingo and trivia. I do however, look forward to watching the FIFA World Cup which is the most popular single event sporting competition worldwide. It is even bigger than the Olympic Games – extraordinary! So this morning I found myself sashaying between sautéing shallots and herbs in olive oil and butter for the frittata and enjoying the televised game with my family. 

The recipes for my FRITTATA was published on the 4th May 2014. I also sautéed a couple of thinly red capsicums, which were scattered over the frittata once it was cut into portions and served up at the table. 

This frittata is also robust enough to make for dinner with an abundant mixed salad on those nights when a nutritious meal in needed in record time. If you are planning on doing this, then the quantity of ingredients listed in my recipe will be enough to feed four people as a stand alone meal. 

As for the BUTTERMILK PANCAKES this simply involves whisking together the following ingredients in a large bowl, using a hand whisk:

30 grams melted unsalted butter
2 large organic or free range eggs
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups self raising flour
400 ml buttermilk – you may need to add more if the mixture is too thick but do this gradually. 

Heat up the BBQ to a medium setting or a wide non-stick frypan over the stove. Brush over with a little butter or olive oil and ladle in the batter until small circles form. 

When bubbles appear on the surface, flip over on to the other side until the edges turn opaque and golden. 

Serve with pure maple syrup (we adore the Canadian Camp brand of maple syrup which is readily available from major supermarkets), fresh fruit and my favourite, crispy bacon.