I had this preconceived idea that making home made ice-cream required either an enormous (and enormously expensive!) electric ice-cream machine, or arm muscles to rival a Marvel superhero to enable vigorous hand whisking. It appears I was wrong on both fronts! 

This bowl of the creamiest, delectable vanilla ice-cream took a matter of minutes to mix up before being bundled into bags and into the freezer to set. A blitz in the blender, followed by another bought of frostiness and voila! Home made vanilla ice-cream ready and waiting to be scooped, enjoyed and in this evening’s case, added to my warm chocolate molten cakes made to celebrate my daughter Sofia’s 10th birthday. 

Some children would request a chocolate cake, vanilla sponge or a character themed birthday creation. But Sofia was very, very specific about her celebratory dessert. I guess this is what happens when one has children who scour the cookbook collection in their spare time. Sofia was so keen on chocolate molten cakes that I decided pounce on this event as an opportunity to try my hand at making a new dessert…and I’m so glad I did!

Wow – what a winner of a cake! The mixture can be made in advance, popped into the individual pudding moulds and refrigerated until needed. Then its just a case of placing them on a pre-heated baking tray into the oven for 12 minutes. The trick to a gooey centre, is to adhere to the baking time. Do not leave it in the oven for longer that required or the centre will turn from fudgy gooey gorgeousness, to an ordinary moist chocolate cake centre. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, butt the whole point of these little beauties, is to have that thick, gooey centre so that when the spoon breaks the thin crust for the first time, the chocolate slowly oozes out. 

I turned to Donna Hay’s newest cookbook, Basics to Brilliance for guidance on the chocolate dessert, which starts off as a chocolate fudge cake base: https://www.lifestylefood.com.au/recipes/25641/molten-chocolate-puddings

I had watched part of her series flying between Sydney and Perth recently and was keen to find out what else was on offer. What an excellent, essential cookbook! Recipes are clearly set out, thoughtful, practical tips are included and the “basic’ recipe provides a tasty scaffolding for numerous dishes. Of course the photography and styling is impressive , making this not only a must have addition to the home cook’s bookshelf but also as a conversation starting coffee table book. 

As for the ice-cream, this is the recipe I found on the Donna Hay website:
I encourage you to give it a go, because with only 4 ingredients and minimal whisking involved, it’s an ideal dessert to make with little ones, keen to “help” in the kitchen. What better way to get them interested in cooking that by inviting them to make an all time favourite, classic dessert!